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Megan Hicks
Megan Hicks
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  • "Gutsy Broads" -- stories about strong women
  • "What Was Civil About that War." -- heroes and ghosts at the First Battle of Fredericksburg
  • "Groundhogs Meet Grimm" -- social satire meets fractured fairy tale

Young Adults --

  • "High School on the Home Front" -- teenagers who grew up fast in 1942
  • "Akbar & Birbal" -- from Northern India, tales of justice with a riddle's twist
  • "Unquiet Graves" -- horror stories
  • "King Arthur's Nephew's Big Mouth" -- Gawain, a green knight, a gorgeous babe, and an odious hag
  • "No Tricks. Just Magic" -- a sampling of genres: fairy tale, legend, myth, folk tale, por quoi, trickster, fable

Kids --

  • "Shivers" --stories for dark and stormy nights "No Tricks. Just Magic"
  • "Spies in the Slave Quarters" -- true stories of unsung Civil War heroes

All ages --

  • "Origami Swami - Stories In-Creasing" -- storytelling paperfolding magic show
  • "Folding Under Pressure with the Origami Swami" -- hands-on paperfolding workshop.

Megan Hicks survived the Baby Boom with her sense of humor intact.

With equal measures of talent and charisma she delights children, inner children, imaginary friends and grownups with her unique take on the storyteller's art. A favorite of audiences and organizers throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, she performs for schools, libraries, festivals, retirement communities, hospice centers and professional conferences.

Storytelling has taken her from juvenile detention centers to the FBI Academy, from Punxsutawney to Perth (Western Australia) to Peru.

In 2000, she won the title National Storyteller of the Year. In 2002 she released her first CD, "Groundhogs Meet Grimm," which received a Parents'

Guide to Children's Media Award, a Storytelling World Honor award, and in 2010 a NAPPA Honors award. Her second audiobook, "What Was Civil About that War." was a finalist for the 2005 Audie Award for best original work and also received a Parents' Choice Silver medal.

Member of International Storytelling Network .
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:
  • "Groundhogs Meet Grimm" -- Megan Hicks, Fredericksburg VA, USA. 2002
  • "What Was Civil About that War..." -- Megan Hicks, Fredericksburg VA, USA. 2004

Film & TV:

  • "The Angel of Marye's Heights," Right Stripe Media, Savannah GA, USA. 2010
  • "What's Your Story," Kaleidoscope Pictures, Orem UT, USA. 2010



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Origami Swami: "valentine puppy" on youtube

Empress Storyteller: "man who had no luck" on youtube "fisherman . and his wife" on youtube, posted by crrl "man and snake" on youtube

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