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Linda Gorham
Linda Gorham
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Aurora, IL
African American
Aurora, IL

1) Multicultural Folktales - Updated with "attitude" and packed with participation

2) Respect & Other Character Stories - No preaching, just teaching

3) Anansi the Spider & Other Trickster Stories - You can't get something for nothing and laziness will get you nowhere " tales of tricksters from many cultures

4) I Shape Freedom - See program descriptions below

5) Hair Raisers - Ghostly stories for all ages " tales that will make you cringe and tales to tickle your funny bone

6) Holiday Stories - Christmas, Kwanzaa & Hanukah stories

7) The Civil War Experience " Battlefields, prisons & unlikely friendships

8) Mythological Love Stories " Cupid & Psyche, Pygmalion and more

9) Funky Fairy Tales " Twisted, tweaked and all grown up!

10) I Shape Freedom " I combine historical background and personal testimony to tell the stories of many remarkable African Americans who shaped freedom by helping to change attitudes about race in the United States: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, The Little Rock Nine, The Barack Obama Story: From Birth to the White House, The Story of Ruby Bridges, Madam CJ Walker, Harriet Tubman, and Wilma Rudolph

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Dynamic and exciting, Linda Gorham uses movement, humor, and sometimes zaniness as she tells imaginative multicultural folktales updated with "attitude!" Her stories, keynotes and history programs inspire, entertain and engage people of all ages. Don't plan to sit quietly during Linda's performances. Her stories are sometimes very interactive and often downright funny. Even her serious topics are engaging and have moments of humor.

Linda performs internationally as a storyteller, speaker, and workshop presenter. Since 1989, in addition to her work in schools and libraries, Linda has customized programs for festivals, museums, keynotes, conferences, staff development, and corporations.

What makes Linda unique? She's creative; her folktales are "Updated with Attitude!" She's experienced; you can count on new stories each time she visits your venue. She's appropriate; she believes a good story only works when told the right way, with the right vocabulary, and at the right time. And finally, she's toured nationally and internationally in South Africa, Greece and Egypt.

One of Linda's most cherished quotes is, "Mrs. Gorham is better than recess!" It's fair to say, at least from that second grader's point of view, her storytelling programs are original, unique and loaded with energy.

Member of International Storytelling Network.
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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Common Sense and Uncommon Fun: Multicultural folktales " Winner of four national awards: Parents' Choice, Storytelling World, NAPPA and iParenting Media I Am Somebody " A revealing look at the poignant, quirky and often unpredictable world of family, love and self-identity. Winner of a Storytelling World award


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