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Jon Sundell: Perfect Storm Edu-tainment
Jon Sundell
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Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Show names vary with the situation, generally including "Jon Sundell: Storyteller & Folksinger." I weave together multicultural folktales of many genres - tall tales, legends, animal tales, fairy tales, and wisdom tales - with songs accompanied on the banjo, guitar, autoharp and mountain dulcimer. I include many opportunities for audience participation, especially with young children. Some of the material may be bilingual or in Spanish, depending on the listeners' background.
The content varies according to my audience, which can range from toddlers through senior citizens and the setting - whether it is in a school, church or recreational setting. I include some puppets and props in shows for preschool aged children. In some children's and family settings I occasionally create balloon figures that match the stories I'm telling, then, after the show, make matching figures for children to take home. In educational settings I generally include color slides to provide background visuals and links to books. My school programs are usually focused on a theme, such as Songs & Tales Around the World, A Nation of Immigrants, Introduction to Folklore, Genres of the Folktale, or All Critters Big & Small.
Non-school programs usually include bits and pieces of these different themes.

I perform for all ages and all backgrounds from toddlers through seniors, often for families and other multi-age groups.
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. Since the early 1970's I have performed as a storyteller (and folksinger) across the United States and several countries abroad, including France, England, Colombia, Nicaragua and El Salvador. I have performed in all kinds of settings, including coffee houses, festivals, schools, places of worship, camps, retirement homes, rallies for peace, justice and immigrants' rights, weddings, private parties and more. Some of that experience has been part of my work as a children's librarian and school media coordinator. over the course of 32 years. In those roles I have, on several occasions, taught multi-session workshops training children in how to tell stories themselves.
I have acquired skills and background through a variety of workshops in the United States, including from Loyal Jones, Leonard Roberts and Doc McConnell (Appalachian storytellers); Olga Loya (bilingual Mexican-American); Diane Wolkstein, Laura Simms, Heather Forest, Milbre Burch (fairy tales and general technique); Doug Lipman and Donald Davis (teaching and coaching storytellers). I have also learned technique and repertoire through many informal interactions with storytellers, watching live or recorded performances, and reading extensively in folktale collections and books regarding the teaching of storytelling skills.
Member of International Storytelling Network (RIC).

International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:
Stay with Us: Visiting with Old Time Singers and Storytellers in the Southern Mountains, independently published, Atlanta, GA, 1979

English and Spanish
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I have 30 + overlapping videos on youtube. Most of them contain excerpts of various stories and songs prepared for specific audiences. Here are a few:
Jon Sundell All Critters Big & Small (animal tales & songs for children and families)
Jon Sundell - Multicultural Stories & Songs
Jon Sundell - Stories & Songs for Adults (mostly historically oriented)

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