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A List of Some of Harlynne's Shows (More listed at her website)

Multicultural Tales from Around the World: These tales from as far away as Korea, East Africa and the Philippines and as close as right here in America celebrate the oral tradition that has kept literature alive and lively. If you have particular countries or cultures that you wish to be included in the show, just ask Harlynne.

A Bit o' the British Isles: Irish, Scottish, and English Tales You can tell by Harlynne's silver tongue that she has a wee bit of the Irish in her. She also belongs to the Highland clan MacLachlan. Her Scottish and Irish grandparents passed on to her the gift of blarney which she will share in tales and riddles of princesses, giants, and fools. It's a wonderful way to celebrate both St. Patrick's Day (March 17) and Tartan Day (April 6).

Riddle Me This: Asian Tales: What has one head but bunches of "tales"? If you guessed Harlynne, you'd be right! She will challenge the students with riddles and surprise them with riddling stories from the Union of Myanmar [Burma] and Japan.

From Story to Shining Story: American Tales This is a big country full of stories. Harlynne will tell a riddle written by Abraham Lincoln and present tales (African-American, Hispanic American, Native American, and European American) that originate in the cultures that make this the wonderful "tossed salad" that we call America.

A Fiesta of Folktales: Hispanic Stories from Spain, New Mexico, Mexico, and Central America Harlynne was born and raised in Illinois, but in the twenty years that she has been living in California, she's learned to appreciate both the spicy food of her Mexican-American grandmother-in-law and the funny, fabulous stories from south of the border. By the end of her show, you will know that to season a Hispanic story just right, all you need to add is a little storyteller's tongue! (This program is not bilingual, although there are some Spanish words.)

Delicious Shivers: Spooky Stories: In her travels as a storyteller around the U.S. Harlynne has collected hauntingly "true" ghost tales from teachers and librarians. In her travels around the world through books, she has found everything from African-American hags to Mexican ghosts to Scottish monsters. [Not Too Spooky show for younger students]

The Light Within: Stories of the Season: Harlynne grew up in a family that plugged in the lights on the Christmas tree and kindled the candles on the Hanukkah menorah. She will pass the joy of the season on to her listeners as she tells stories that are red and green and blue and white! [Harlynne is always happy to tell an African tale to light a candle for Kwanzaa too.]

The Story Behind Star Wars: George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars movie is a very smart man. He knows that you cannot make up a new story. Every story in the world has already been told. Harlynne believes that he took an old tale from Russia, Germany, and America and added aliens and spaceships. She'd be happy to tell your family or children's audience the story behind Star Wars.

A Funny Fiesta of Fantasy: No one get sillier than storyteller Harlynne Geisler. Whether she's wiggling her tail in a dragon's dance or proudly holding out an imaginary cockroach or singing in a squirrel's voice, she cracks her audience up. She celebrates her 27th year as a practically perfect performer in 2007, and she invites you to the party of your imagination and her tales of wacky wonder. Put on a comical hat. Then join the festivities by hiring her for your children's audience. Great for April, when it's called "April Fools: Tales of Funny Fellows."

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