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Gail Rosen
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Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD

Loving, Grieving, Growing . This program was created to support the grieving. It demonstrates storytelling in an applied, healing setting. Stories are woven into a keynote-style presentation honoring the experience of loss. Folktales, literary stories and personal anecdotes hold themes of patience, challenge, change, and comfort, offering metaphors of resiliency and tools for continued hope and growth.

For Tomorrow: The Story and Poetry of Hilda Stern Cohen Crafted from lengthy interviews with Hilda Stern Cohen in the two years before her death in 1997. The performance uses many poems by Hilda Stern Cohen as well as the Jewish prayers that were so much a part of her daily life. Gail Rosen has long experience with performing this story, having done so in the United States, Israel, Poland, and Germany"including in Nieder-Ohmen (Mücke), the small town in Hesse where Hilda Stern was born in 1924. Appropriate for middle school, high school and adults.

Choose Hope . Since 1998, Gail Rosen has been performing the story of Hilda Stern Cohen, a German-born Holocaust survivor and poet. Telling such a story, speaking the words and experience of another person, turns out to have unexpected power. Gail has discovered more about the story, the telling, and herself through her performances of this moving piece in the United States, Germany, and Israel. In "Choose Hope," Gail shares her own experience of storytelling as a personal, powerful and surprising healing journey, recounting how telling Hilda's story has changed her life and the lives of others.

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I am a consultant, storyteller, bereavement facilitator, hospice volunteer and workshop leader for hospice, women's groups, bereavement groups, schools and special populations. I tell stories to audiences in hospice and hospital organizations, schools, churches, synagogues, camps and conferences. I have been drawn to tell stories that address the "big questions," about life and death, purpose and despair, grieving and comfort. My intention is to offer my listeners a way to see and feel connections between cultures, religions and people. I choose stories to touch the heart and soul, mind and spirit, and to offer support for meaning making.

I am also the founder of the National Storytelling Network's Special Interest Group, the Healing Story Alliance.

  • " Bachelor of Arts Degree: Theater, Towson State University
  • " Master of Special Education, Loyola College
  • " Companioning the Dying " certificate from Colorado State U. & the Center for Loss and Life Transition
  • " Studied storytelling with national storytellers Donald Davis, Doug Lipman, Elizabeth Ellis
  • " African Percussion with Olunfunmilayo, Ubaka Hill and Jacqui Macmillan
Member of International Storytelling Network (RIC).
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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Audio CD: "Loving, Grieving, Growing: Stories of Celebration" 2009

Book: Words that Burn Within Me: Faith, Values, Survival, Edited by Werner V. Cohen, Gail Rosen, William Gilcher. German translations by Elborg Forster ISBN: 978-1-928755-10-4, Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, 2008

DVD: For Tomorrow / Ich hoff' auf morgen: The Story and Poetry of Hilda Stern Cohen A film by Eve Rennebarth, Gail Rosen, William Gilcher, 2010



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