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Brother Wolf


Eric Wolf
ericwolf2 (at)
United States of America
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937 767-8696
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P.O. Box 711, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
Yellow Springs

Scary Stories

  • The Angel. 4 min . Sometimes you encounter goodness where you least expect it, in your own house. G
  • What you don't see. 7 min . A taste of ghosts in the backyard. PG
  • The Little Old Women 17 min . What's it to you if we have your bones in the soup pot? PG
  • Where is my Taily Bo? 15 min . Tail soup is the best in the world. PG
  • The Sword .10 min . Be still lest your blood run cold - Fantasy of how uncaring the world can be. PG-13
  • A Gift for Alex 12 min . Beware what gifts you keep and what price you pay for greed. PG-13
  • The Ice Queen. 17 min . A story to chill your soul and freeze your heart; with a taste of mother's love. PG 13
  • Blue Beard .15 min . What if the worst thing to fear is the one that you really love? PG 13
  • The Belly Dancer and the Snake. 14 min . The bitter taste of surviving sexual abuse. R
  • The Ghost on the Ojai Board. 15 min . The Truth with a dash of possession. R

Natural World

  • Aesop Teaching Stories. 30-40 min. Stories that teach peace with fables from the ancient world.
  • Back to my Old Country Home. 14 min . Get away to a time when life was less hectic.
  • May all your Days be Blessed .15 min . Tracking with my daughter. Inspirational family story set in the natural world. Introduces ecology and tracking to the audience.

Tall Tales

  • How I Drank my First Term Paper. 10 min . Need I say more?
  • The Quarter in the Museum. 12 min . How I left my quarter in the display case of the African Antiquates display in the NYC American Museum of Natural History.
  • My Sisters Birthday Party .15 min . Why learning to read is so important.
  • A Boy and his Cockroach. 10 min . How I replaced man's best friend.
  • Jacob and Momma Z. 8 min . What are best friends for?.
  • When Cat's Could Fly.. 16 min . .and Cooked Chickens Dance.

Fairytales Forever

  • Peter and the Magic Yo-Yo. 25 min . An iconic tale of a clever trickster surviving against all odds.
  • Myia and the Sword of Light. 25 min . A brave heroine rescues her father.
  • The Flower War. 15 min . A tale of forgiveness and destruction
  • The Pool Underground .5 min . A dash of magic in the long night.
  • Frankie Loves Peanuts. 12 min . Story of a wandering Elephant.

Some of the more famous venues that I have performed at.

Smithsonian Museum Folk Festival in Washington D.C., American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio, New York Bank Street School for Children, Barnard Collage, Community Access Foundation, Columbia University, The Fund for the City of New York New York City Clear Water Festival New Jersey Liberty Science Center, Ohio Storytelling Conference.

National Storytelling Network Conference.

Hundreds of other schools and institutions.

Master of Science in Education from Lesley University.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic.

Member of International Storytelling Network .

International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:

The Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Podcast and Blog at

The Fairytales Forever Podcast at

Four published CD's

  • Fairytales Forever I . Peter and the Goblin King . Served with Myia and the Sword of Light
  • Fairytales Forever II or III . Goblin Kings, Atlantis and the French Court
  • Peace Stories for Educators I. Aesop's Fables of freedom and power from the ancient world.
  • Tall Tales of a Dyslexic Storyteller . Funny stories for parents and children
  • Member of International Storytelling Network .


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