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Debra Morningstar, Oneida Storyteller

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Debra Morningstar-Oneida Storyteller --Yukhika-l'atuhse? (She tells us stories)

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Debra Morningstar-Enrolled Oneida Tribal member and Storyteller, addresses the many questions/concerns (on both sides) of this controversial topic regarding the *appropriateness* of Non-Indian tellers telling Native American stories.

Exploration and discussion of traditional, tribal protocol, cultural integrity, and a historical overview of multi-generational trauma on Native people will be included in this workshop. Participants will be invited to partake in a traditional Talking Circle-

Time for Q & A will be offered.

1. Learning Objectives are as follows: "At the end of my session participants will be able to.

  • . Have a better understanding of the cultural value differences between the Native worldview and that of the European perspective
  • . Gain deeper insight into the effects of 400 years of trauma on Native Americans-and the impact it has on tribal people/Elders yet today-(as is often perceived by non-Natives as an unwillingness to share tribal stories, ceremonial protocol/info)
  • . Understand that in many tribes (not all) there is a traditional, cultural protocol as well as taboo as to "who should/can tell specific tribal stories, in what setting, and under what conditions
  • . Distinguish between the types of Tribal stories that might be considered "acceptable" to tell

2. Method: Exploration and discussion of the Native American worldview-cultural history, tribal spirituality and the dismantling of Indian stereotypes will be facilitated through a variety of mediums including lecture, multi-media, Oneida chant/flute, group participation in traditional ceremony (Talking Circle-with Eagle Feather) and group discussion/Q & A.

  • . Lecture: 50%
  • . Group Discussion: 40%
  • . Demonstration: 0
  • . Audience Participation:
  • . Performance: 10%
  • . Presenter Evaluation of audience: 0
  • . Q & A (included in group discussion) 0
  • . Handouts in workshop: 0
  • . Handouts at conclusion of workshop: yes
  • . Other: 0

8. Presenter's Biography:

Debra Morningstar-Oneida Storyteller-- Yukhika-l'atuhse? (She tells us stories) is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin-Turtle Clan. Debra has presented inspirational storytelling performances, keynotes and healing workshops across the US and Canada for over 22 years. For more information visit

10. References:

  • . Sherry Benson-President-WI Foster and Adoptive Parents Assoc. Ph: 715-735-3879-Email: Keynote/Workshop 3/2009
  • . Sheila-Training Coordinator-WCASA (WI Coalition Against Sexual Assault) Ph: 608-257-1516, Madison, WI Keynote-11/2008
  • . Kara Hoffman-(Professor) Waukesha County Technical College Ph: 920-248-2195 or 262-691-5104 Email: Workshop/Lecture 3/2009
  • . I have been presenting cultural education/storytelling programs for over 22 years. As a member of the Oneida Nation AND, being of mixed ancestry, (European/Native American) I believe I can offer a more unbiased perspective on the topic of non-Indians telling Native American stories.

11. Equipment Needs:

  • . A small CD player
  • . Internet access for Power Point presentation. I will provide my own laptop.
  • . Dry erase board
  • END NOTES: This workshop can accommodate as many participants as the room can fit chairs--which, will be needed for the Talking Circle.

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