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Dansville, NY
Dansville, NY
  • WATER,WATER, EVERYWHERE! The earth is 70% water, so stories are all around us!
  • ARTSY TALES stories of creating . Tales from around the world about making art of all kinds.
  • Round the World on a Story . Travel around the globe to eight spots, stopping in for a tale.
  • Women Can! A folkloric response to 18th century male beliefs of women's shortcomings.
  • Native Northeast . Stories from the Native American nations in the northeast woodlands area: Seneca, Tuscarora, Iroquois, MicMac.
  • New York Folk . New York State is full of stories.
  • Tsalgi Celebration . A collection of stories from Cris's own folks, the Cherokee.
  • Bunches of Bugs . There are more kind of bugs than any other animal! Here are stories about a few.

The Storytellers Tool kit

In this session, I detail what skills are used by the performing artist, and lead participants in exercises to recognize those elements in themselves. This workshop is usually for beginning tellers.

The Voice of the Storyteller

Voice is the main communication tool used by storytellers, and this workshop enables participants to recognize their strengths and areas for change. These sessions can be as short as 90 minutes, or intensives as long as 3 hours. This workishop ios tailored for each audience.

Learn a Story in an Hour

This is a basic introduction to the process of learning a story for performance- be that on stage, in front of a classroom, or with one's family.

In all of my workshops, participants leave with handouts of exerciese and bibliographies of materials for further reading and exploration.

I can craft a workshop or seminar to meet your particular needs. Let's talk telling!

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International Storytelling Network
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