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Giovanna Conforto
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Giovanna Conforto
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Strolling Stories project (with Daniela Corradini, art historian):

"Cronache Italiane" / "Italian Chronicles" from Stendhal, story walks in Rome

"Santi e beati" / "The Saints and the Blessed" (Cecilia, Sebastian, Roch and Francis) with reproduced pictures

"Storie nell'Arte Italiana" / "Stories in Italian Art" stories drawn from famous Italian paintings and art crafts (with reproduced pictures)

Other projects:

  • "Pinocchio", created with and for the "Ulicnih Sviraca Festival" in Novi Sad (Serbia) with painted panels by Lavinia Cannizzaro
  • Habla Cadabra, multilingual performance with Jean Guillon (Fr)
  • "Quadri parlanti - Talking Pictures" project of painting and storytelling on the Grimm's tales in collaboration with the painter Francesca di Francia for the 200st anniversary of the Grimms' Tales
  • "Favole gustose" "Tasty Italian stories" collection of anecdotes, fables and stories focused on Italian food
  • "Stories of Tuscany", traditional tales and stories from the large Tuscan tradition also freely drawn from Boccaccio's Decameron


Giovanna Conforto is born in England in Italian family in her childhood and youth she moves to Italy, France, England and Germany and at last stops in Florence hometown of the family.

In 1997 she graduates from the National Academy of Dramatic Art "Silvio D'Amico" in Rome where, later, she also graduates as drama teacher.

Since 2003 she deals with Oral Narration, her first project "The little lamp, a Palestinian story is born after some workshops she led in Bethlehem.

During the years she collaborates with many companies and institutions in Italy and abroad.

In 2010 she founds with Daniela Corradini (art historian) Strolling Stories, stories related to art and historical and artistic places in Rome.

In the same year creates the project with the French storyteller Jean Guillon, Habla Cadabra, an international multilingual festival touring on a bus (The Flying Theatre) She is artistic director of the" Il Circolo dei Narratori" "The Circle of Storytellers" a storytelling cafe' every last Tuesday of each month at the Hula Hoop Club in Rome Since 2003 she works for Mus-e Rome (International Menuhin Foundation) teaching in storytelling projects with difficult children in public schools.

In 2006 she has founded the Association Gruppo LeFalene in Massa (Tuscany) where since 2002 she contributes to the organization of the festival "L' Oltrecielo" and many other projects

As storyteller she has participated in events and festivals in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, England, Serbia, Palestine and Belgium.

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