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Werkende Verhalen (Fred uit het Broek)
Fred uit het Broek
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Nijmegen, Gelderland
Nijmegen, Gelderland

- Luck Child (with music)

- 3 short stories of Snowwhite after she left with the prince: from the perspective of the King, Snowwhite and the youngest Dwarf

- Short Central-American stories, based on my experiences working in Honduras

- Excerpts from the Odyssey: the little Odyssey of Telemachos, letters from Helena and Penelope, the beach of Ogygia,

Among many other stories

- Skype-contacts on Worldstorytelling Day (20th of March)

Preference for the (young) adult
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I started my storytelling activities around 2000, learning the 'trade' from an experienced storyteller Angèle Yorna. Later on I participated in masterclasses in Alden Biesen (Jan Blake, Dan Yashinski) and Berlin (Abbi Patrix). Every year I try to develop my storytelling skills with a short course.

I like to mingle theatre-tecniques (expression) with the art of telling and I'm still in the process of developing myself as an artist. Another aspect of development, or better said experiment, is the use of music to deepen or strengthen the stories. I need the support of others to do so, because I can't/don't play any instruments.
I don't have a particular 'show'. Instead I have several stories to choose from in effort to tell the right story at the right moment.

An important activity for me is the celebration of World Storytelling Day (WSD). With a small committee of storytellers in Holland we try to stimulate contacts all over the world to make WSD a true worldwide feast.

An extended version of my CV you can find, in Dutch, on my website:

Member of International Storytelling Network.
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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