The JustStories Online Storytelling Festival

Online (Everywhere)
August 1, 2 and 3, 2012
O'Halloran Diversity Productions and Angels Studio, Chicago, IL
Annual ; 8 am-midnight every day (CDT)
susan (at) susanohalloran.com
Online - no geographic limits!
More information:

Join us for the first ever JustStories Online Storytelling Festival August 1, 2 & 3 " a free Facebook event. Every hour from 8 am to midnight (CDT) a new video will post on the JustStories Facebook Page ( www.Facebook.com/juststories ) - stories that can help heal our racial and ethnic divides. Over 70 humorous, heartwarming and thought provoking stories by 43 professional story artists! You can comment, ask questions and share your stories, too. Storytelling + Facebook = a worldwide FUN and RESPECTFUL conversation that celebrates our differences and all that connects us.

Please share this invitation with all your friends so they, too, can have a front row seat to the JustStories Online Festival right in the comfort of their homes! Anyone can view the Festival at any time at www.facebook.com/juststories , but with a Facebook user name and password you can comment, ask questions, and share your stories, too. (You don't have to fill out a full profile and you can cancel the account after the Festival.) Go there now and receive behind-the-scene interviews and RSVP to the event.

Full schedule and story descriptions at: http://www.facebook.com/juststories/app_186981981345123


The juststories Initiative
invites you to the ONLINE
10th JustStories Storytelling Festival…
A Facebook event devoted to stories about race relations,
pride and pain, tears and laughter and the ongoing search for
the amazing American identity and our global family.
On August 1, 2 and 3 every hour on the hour (from 8 am to
midnight) on our Facebook page you can view a Racebridging
Story. Then, Live Chat with the tellers, ask questions, make
comments and share your stories too.
Storytelling + Facebook = A worldwide respectful and FUN
conversation about Race. Join us for this first ever
JustStories Online Storytelling Festival featuring stories of
social justice.

A special thank you to our featured tellers, Charlotte
Blake Alston, Antonio Sacre and Susan O'Halloran
(who together will unveil seven new stories) and
THANK YOU to these 21 professional storytellers
who will also be part of this August 1-3 event:
Linda Gorham ▪ Judith Black ▪ Jim Stowell
Bobby Norfolk Yvonne Healy ▪ Erica Lann-Clark
Noa Baum ▪ Dovie Thomason ▪ Michael Parent
Jon Spelman ▪ Kevin Cordi ▪ Jane Stenson
Kate Dudding ▪ Gail Rosen ▪ Carol Birch
Kevin Kling ▪ Elizabeth Ellis ▪ Jo Radner
Connie Regan-Blake ▪ Laura Simms
Judith Heineman

Join us for this FREE
storytelling event. Go to:

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