Kathotsava 2011

Bengaluru, India


in 5 cities; Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, and Chennai. The festival starts in Vishakapatnam on July 23rd and ends in Mumbai on 8th of Agost.

Bengaluru (Alliance Française), India

23st July - 8th Agost 2011
Kathalaya and Geeta Ramanujam, International Storytelling Network (RIC), Govt of Kamataka, International Storytelling Center, Västra Götaland, an Indo-Swedish collaboration

Kathalaya Trust, Academy of Storytelling # 88, BHBCS Layaout, 3rd Main 2nd cross, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560076

Ph 26689866

English and Hindi
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Kathothsava 2011 is a celebration of Live storytelling from the Past present and future . Stories can be fun, educative and entertaining . Some are good to read, some to watch.. For the first time The storytelling festival is being organized in 5 cities; Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, and Chennai. The festival starts in Vishakapatnam on July 23rd and ends in Mumbai on 8th of July.

This Indo Swedish collaboration Brings together Storytellers , story educators and Puppeteers to entertain and inspire Live storytelling, Puppet performances and Workshops..

Puppeteers like Dr. Mirella Forsberg Ahlcrona, Buratino, Ola Henricsson, all from Sweden and Geeta Ramanujam our own storyteller and educator from India will be performing and also training the future story tellers. This festival will also get to see Performance of a collage of heritage puppet shows by Moscow born puppeteer with his 200 years old heritage puppets.

The festival begins on 31st July in Bangalore with three shows at the Alliance Francaise by two storytellers FORM India and Sweden and Buratino Puppet theatre who will also add magic and games to the shows. Shows at 3p.m, 5 and 7p.m.

The 2nd and the 3rd day of the festival (1st and 2nd of August) will be the teachers training for puppetry and story telling by Geeta Ramanajum, Dr. Mirella Forsberg Ahlcrona and her daughter Amanda and Ola Henriccson at the Aashirwad community centre.

The workshops and performances are open to anyone and everyone Teachers, parents, children, professionals, theatre artists artisans, students and all those interested in knowing what a Storytelling fest has in store. Travel with Kathalaya through the land of stories and puppets.

You could pick up the tickets from the café at the venue or mail us at kathalaya@gmail.com or call Kathalaya at 26689856, to book your seats.



From Sweden:

  • Ola Henriccson
  • Buratino Puppet Theatre
  • Dr. Mirella

From India:

  • Geeta Ramanujam

Kathalaya has been traveling the length and breadth of the country since 1998 training teachers, representativos of non-govemmental organizations, and parents to "Use story telling as an educational and communicative tool to effect a change in society".

Kathalaya works with storytelling centers around the world in both urban as well as rural scenarios. The main aim is to enrich the curriculum by introducing stories in the classroom related to the curriculum. Kathalaya's Story Educators motivate learning in children using stories, anecdotes and experiences throughout the year in schools, libraries, book stores and activity centers.

It has catered to specific segments and customized storytelling to address language development, skill building, vocabularv enhancement, awareness of the environment and to revive interest in Social sciences. Aboye all Kathalaya evokes innovative thinking with its Thinking, Telling and linking programs both for children and corporate.

Kathalaya has setup an Academy of Storytelling. The Academy conducts short term and long-term certifícate courses in Storytelling and is affiliated to the Intemational Institute of Storytelling, Tennessee, in U.S.A. The course includes the essentials of integrating Storytelling into education, storytelling techniques, extrinsic and intrinsic qualities of a storyteller, importance of Emotional, Academic and skill based learning through techniques of voice, gestures and body language, chitrakathas, toy theater, mask making, origami, and puppetry in project presentations. The Academy of Storytelling is the only Global Academy in the world which has certificate courses for professionals in the Storytelling field. It has completed 28 batches so far.

A whopping 52,000 people have been trained through Kathalaya so for.


Meet Internationally Acclaimed StoryTellers from Sweden and India and unleash the force and power of Storytelling.

Ola Henricsson is a great intemational storytelter and uses gastes, activities and subject concepts with language development along with his guitar strumming songs componed by himself. He has an academic background as a teacher but over the past ten years shifted gear to savor the delights of the magical realm of storytelling. At presenthe is employed in Gothenberg city, Sweden and he has scintillated the minds of 1 to 15 year old children. Kathalaya and Ola have collaborated in their shared vision in Sweden.

Geeta Ramanujam besides being an internatlonally renowned storyteller is an educator, academician and administrator. She is the Executive Director of Kathalava Trust which is the culmination of her vision and wisdom. Geeta uses storytelling as an effective educational and cultural tool in many leading educational institutions in India and abroad. Geeta's experience in thisarea spansover quarter of a cenmry ln2006 sine setup theAcademyofstorytelling. She has also had performatices of storytelling recently at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, UK, Intemational festival at Brazd, Story wood festival at Sweden, & Germany, Nuremberg and Worid Tales festival Poland and the Intemational Storytelling Centre USA.

Puppet show by Buratino Puppet Theatre, Sweden . This is a show different from the puppet shows normally staged in concept and content. Unlike the usual smatl-sized puppets that one sees often, the dolls are rather big (up to a meter height). The stars of the show are AIf Mouwitz and his daughter. They bring you fun filled shows with puppets nearly 200 year old Heritage puppets from Moscow. The puppet show includes magic, games and wonnderfully different story themes involving common ammals like why the cat says Miaow? Another story he will present is called 'MiniCircus'. It is a fun-filled journey that incorporales magic tricks a clown and lots of dolls!

Mirella Forsberg Ahlcrona is a versatile person. She holds a PhD. and la a lecturer in pedagogy at the Department of education, communication and leaming, Sweden. Her areas of interest as a researdrer include red puppets made of sponge and everydav materials from Sweden hesides using puppets in the area of child Pedagogy , language and mathematics in school. This workshop highlights how puppets can bensed inplanned and spontanenus teachingsituahonsand how we can make the most of everyday lile as inspiration for children s gastes and play. As for her interests in the field of teaching, Mirella loves to delve into the world of children's learning and development, creativity and imagination, communication skills and activity.

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