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Jonathan Kruk
Jonathan Kruk
jonathankruk (at)
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Cold Spring on Hudson, NY
Cold Spring on Hudson, NY

. "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" & "A Christmas Carol" - dramatic retellings performed for Historic Hudson Valley and other venues
. The Lore of the Hudson - history and folklore of the Hudson River
. Finger Fables - highly interactive fables helping young children learn to listen with "hands-on" storytelling, featuring fables from Aesop to Anansi to the original like "Barkface & Rootnose."
. Story Theater- faerie tales children step into, acting out parts of the story. Selections span "Puss in Boots" to Chinese shape-shifting dragons.
Tall Tales & Urban Legends - exaggerations imaginative in tales from America. Tales taller than Paul Bunyan, and strange as Vanishing Hitch-Hikers.
Greek Mythology - performed with Bardic style with help from the Muse

All, but especially for children
C.V. / Resume:

>B.A. English, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA
>M.A. Educational Theater, Teaching Certificate, New York University, USA & Bretton Hall College, Yorkshire, England
> Studied & performed "Ritual Urban Theater" with Gabrielle Roth

Began a career as a professional storyteller in 1982, went full time in 1989, booking at over 200 different venues and giving over 500 performances annually.

> Storyteller in Residence, Freeport Schools, Long Island NY 1982-1992
> Artist Educator, Westchester Arts Council 1984-1994
> Teaching Artist - Early Stages, Inc., New York City
> Board of Education Central Services Artist Educator, New York State 1985-present

Select Television & Radio Appearances

CBS Sunday Morning, ABC Good Morning America, National Geographic Channel, BBC Great Rail Journeys, The O'Reilly Factor, WAMC, WCBS, WHUD, WBIJ

Sample of Performance Venues

Pete Seeger's Clearwater Festival, 2004, 2009
Mark Twain House 2013
New-York Historical Society 2005-Present
National Native Plant Conference 2003
NYS Reading Teachers Conferences 1995, 2012, 2015
NYS Museum
Washington's Headquarters, Newburgh NY
Quadricentennial of the Hudson River

Awards -
"Selected Best Storyteller in the Hudson Valley" 2008
Citizenship Medal - Sons of the American Revolution
Three Parents Choice Awards
Certificates for Service Boy Scouts of America

Member of International Storytelling Network (RIC).
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:
. "Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley" The History Press, Charleston SC, USA, 2011


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Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos :: International Storytelling Network

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