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Artistic Name:
Love Ersare
Love Ersare
love (at)
Phone number:

+46 90 124942

Celular :
+46 70 6848358
Skeppargatan 27

From his website :

Performances 2010:

Dark Fairytales - ( Svarta Sagor )
A new storytelling performance were I and Frida Spång tell dark original versions of classic stories (min age 13 years). The monster is human, the princess isn´t pretty and the far from charming prince is not coming to rescue her. With raw realism and uncomfortable questions we turn the moral upside down and use eastern european folk musik to build a dark dreamy world where you rarely live happily ever after...

The secret of happiness ( Lyckans hemlighet )
Wisdom tales and folk songs for all who has wondered about the secret of happiness. I tell stories from all over the world and my wife Mona plays the guitar and folk-harp and sings Swedish folk songs.

An unusual day ( En ovanlig dag )
An Improvised storytelling performance for ages 8-11. The audiences decides what the story is about and helps me on the way as I improvise a scary story in a world of wonders.

What happens next? ( Vad hände sen? )
An improvised fairytale theatre for ages 3-7. Two Improvisers create fairytales together with the audience, let us guide you on an amazing journey through the children's imagination.

Improvised storytelling ( Improvisationsberättande )
An improvised storytelling performance for those who are tired of the truth. I take suggestions from the audience and transform them into wondrous stories of the world around us and from my own life.

From the Repertoire
I have a big repertoire with different stories, and the never ending urge to learn new ones. So if you have a special suggestion or a specific theme I can create an unique performance for your event. I am also always open for new creative co-operations  and possibilities to work with inspiring storytellers, improvisers, musicians or other artists.

I do workshops of different lengths and themes for for young and old. My specialities are Storytelling and Improv and the combination of the two, Improvised Storytelling. I teach you how to train you spontaneity and cross the border into your infinite imagination. How to throw away your fears and tell wondrous lies or never before heard fairy-tales that you didn't think could exist inside of you.


From his website :

Love Ersare is a Storyteller, actor and improviser working with the theatre company Skuggteatern based in Umeå, Sweden. He has a diverse background with experience in method acting, physical, improvised and interactive theatre. Over the last five years he has established himself as one of the young stars of Swedish storytelling and is also chairman of �Berättarnätet Sverige� the Swedish Storytelling Network.

His storytelling is physical and interactive, bringing the audience into his world and giving them influence over it. He has toured Sweden with completely improvised performances where stories evolve from beginning to end based on audience suggestions.  Love often works together with musicians or other artists and his performances are often bordering towards theatre. He tells stories from around the world, African myth, uncensored Grimm tales and Swedish mystique, often with a personal twist and a feminist approach.

Member of International Storytelling Network .

Author of:

Swedisch, English
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Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos :: International Storytelling Network - - Telephone: 0043 + 651 732 693 (Spain)

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