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Alicia DongJoo
Alicia DongJoo Bang
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Republic of South Korea
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82 10 5518 8446
Bundang , Gyeonggi -do
International Storytelling Festival (Mahasarakham University). Thailand held the "Art of Storytelling Workshop" I participated in the "Second MSU International Storytelling Festival (MSUIF2014)" in the southern province of Songkhla, Thailand. The main theme of MSUIF2014 was the environment, both natural and cultural. Storytellers participated in the workshop and also, participated in storytelling concerts on the beach of Songkhla town, at a fisherman's village of a nearby district and primary and secondary schools to provide cultural exposure to students and to bridge cultural gaps through storytelling.

PLNK - Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival
Sharing Korean folk tales with an International kids audience at meeting and sharing stories with famous master storytellers from around the world. Helping to preserve and revitalize storytelling and cultural traditions.
This storytelling festival has now become an annual event featuring local, national, regional and/or internationally known oral storytellers. The featured storytellers come with different backgrounds be it professional performing artists, semi-professional or amateur storytellers and also children.

Talent Donation Storytelling ( Korean Tales in English)
Serving as a volunteer storyteller for Co-existence and Harmony Charity South Korea.

Children , Family

Alicia is a storyteller, teacher and educator from South Korea.
Through storytelling she works to bring Korean folktales, myths and legends to an international audience. Alicia holds a BA in French Literature from Hanyang University and TESOL and TEFL diplomas in the USA and Canada. She has gone on to publish 3 books in an ESL story series, by DARAKWON INC South Korea.

She has worked as an educator in South Korea for 14 years. She teaches storytelling to children and adults in South Korea. She has focused on the role of storytelling in teaching language to young learners. She has recently embarked on a journey to share Korean culture, myths, legends and folktales with children around the world. She has participated in storytelling festivals in Asia. Her interests also include Korean traditional music and painting.

Alicia donates her time telling Korean stories to children on behalf of KBBY ( Korean Board on Books for Young People) and has also performed at the 3rd World Children Literature Convention in Chaungwon, South Korea. Alicia hopes to continue introducing Korean culture, through the art of storytelling.

Member of International Storytelling Network .
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:
"Wow! Smart Listening 1,2,3 fiction story series , by DARAKWON, INC South Korea. 2012


Korean, English
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