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Martin Manasse



International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network

Martin Manasse
martinmanasse (at)
United Kingdom
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne

There was a King (selection of stories featuring a variety of Kings, old, young, good, bad or even very bad)


I have been telling stories since 1995. I love to tell folk tales, wonder tales, stories from all over the world that teach or mystify and, in particular, stories that enchant. I have worked with audiences of all ages and take as great a delight in reminiscence work as in inspiring young minds.

I have also run story workshops and sessions on story making with children and adults and have recently experimented with the use of music as an inspiration to story making. I am not an epic storyteller, so the great myths and legends do not form part of my repertoire.

Since May 2008 I have started working in a secure unit with convicted 13 - 17 year-olds and this work is very challenging but also has amazing rewards and the effect of the storytelling on some of the children has startled not only me, but, more important, the staff who look after them. I get home very tired but also with a great glow. Powerful stuff, storytelling.

My latest project, now available for booking, is a performance entitled "There Was a King" which received its premiere at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne in July 2008 promoted by "A Bit Crack". This is a selection of stories featuring a variety of Kings, old, young, good, bad or even very bad. Transformations occur, characters are changed and most of the stories leave us with an unanswered question to ponder.

I am currently Chair of the Society for Storytelling in England but I am due to retire in April 2010. I am also a member of the Steering Group for FEST 2010. As for storytelling, I will go on doing that for as long as anyone cares to listen to my stories!

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