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Artistic Name:
David Heathfield
David Heathfield

david (at)

Phone number:
(0)1392 660562
Celular :
33 Attwyll Avenue, Exeter EX2 5HW

Woodland Magic

Devon Tales

World of Tales

Africa and Beyond

Hispanic Tales

The Sun of Wisdom in the Tale (Middle East)

Creation Myths from around the World

Hans Christian Andersen Tells His Tales

Plymouth Blitz


2004-now Freelance storyteller working in educational fields and performance storytelling.

2004-now Freelance teacher trainer: Storytelling in Education.

1990-now Actor in community theatre and role actor in communications skills training.

1986-now Teacher of English.

Specific Teacher Training Workshops include:

  • Spontaneous and collaborative storytelling and dramatising: yes, we do all have imagination.
  • How to tell a story: teachers are the ideal live listening resource for our students.
  • Preparing the voice: Benefit from exploring and developing your vocal range.

Countries where I have performed as a storyteller and run workshops for teachers: Portugal(Jornadas do Conto 2007, 2009),Spain, Italy, Turkey, Libya, Dubai.

Member of International Storytelling Network .
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:

Spontaneous Speaking: Drama Activities for Confidence and Fluency, DELTA Publishing, 2005 ISBN:1900783924 (Teacher resource book in the Professional Perspectives series) /


  • Confidence through Speaking Drama Activities, Humanising Language Teaching Webzine, March 2004
  • English Teaching Essentials: Free Speaking, English Teaching Professional Issue 33 July 2004
  • Speaking Spontaneously (9 features), English Teaching Professional from Issue 34 September 2004 to Issue 42 January 2006
  • Spontaneous Drama Techniques for Fluency, Polish TESOL, February 2005
  • A Storyteller's Story, Humanising Language Teaching Webzine, January 2005
  • Spontaneous Speaking: an author's review, Humanising Language Teaching Webzine, May 2005
  • Conversation Skills: Why and How?, Modern English Teacher Volume 14, Number 3, July 2005
  • Creative Storytelling & Story-making, Storylines No 33, Winter 2005
  • Music for Visualisation, BBC/British Council Teaching English, May 2006
  • Drama in Language Teaching, ETP Jan 2007
  • Storytelling for Bridging Cultures, MET Jan 2007
  • Ticket to Ride? A Creative and Personalised Approach to Everyday Transactional Roleplays such as Buying a Railway Ticket, Humanising Language Teaching Webzine, March 2007
  • One Way to Become a Storyteller, IATEFL Young Learner Publication, 2008
  • Songs for Stimulating Student Creativity and Participation, APPI Journal (Portugal), Autumn 2008
  • A Storytelling Experience, English Teaching Professional, July 2009



English, Spanish, French (I often tell stories in two languages at the same time)
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