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Alice Fernbank
Alice Cook
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+44 7812909781
+44 7812909781
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Bold Daughters: Women and girls at the threshold of transformation. Do they take that first step into the kingdom for the fairies? Do they jump from the glass mountain into the dead sea? Bold Daughters is a 2 hour storytelling performance of folktales about women and girls who engage their wit and wisdom and do what needs to be done for a deeper, freer, fuller and happier life. In the company of musicians Nicky Haire and Charlie Menzies, journey with Alice through burning forests, quaking bogs, and crashing oceans.

The Golden Fly: Celtic Goddess Ethaun, consumed with a weariness for her existence is transformed into a golden fly and set to wander until her heart is changed. An epic journey of self realisation.

Adults and children aged 12+
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Alice been telling stories professionally since 2010 and has been performing professionally in theatre since 2001. Her storytelling career began with Infectious Stories through which she and 3 other storytellers developed the Lip Thumb and Toe Storytelling Collective.

he later went on to co-produce Story Jam, South London's storytelling night. Alice now lives in Edinburgh in Scotland where she is exploring Scotland's rich storytelling tradition. Alice is also a CELTA qualified EFL teacher and leads storytelling workshops for English language learners all over the world.

Some recent performance credits are listed below.

Bold Daughters, Scottish Storytelling Centre 2016
Sangs an Clatter, The Village Storytelling Festival, Glasgow, 2016
Scottish Stories for EFL, CES Language School, Edinburgh, 2016
Winter tales, Edinburgh Printmakers Studio, Edinburgh 2015
The Stolen Bairn and the Sidh, Open Arts Cafe, London, 2015
Womankind, The Start Anise Arts Cafe, Stroud, 2015
Story Jam, Canvas and Cream, Forest Hill, London 2012 - 2015

Member of International Storytelling Network.

International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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