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When, storytelling (2016)
The hoax of the migrants, storytelling (2015)
This is fear, storytelling (2015)
Kids' stuff, storytelling (2014)
Donkeys fly again, storytelling (2014)
Different loves, storytelling (2013)
Blame the crisis, theatre comedy (2013)
The gift of diversity, storytelling (2013)
The courage of hope, storytelling (2012)
The Italy I would, storytelling (2011)
Our son was born, storytelling (2010)
The people and the tragic story of Italy, storytelling (2010)
Stories and News, storytelling (2009)
Loving vs. Virginia, storytelling (2009)
Nicolai Barlokkin and the lizard that learned to meow, storytelling (2008/2009)
The true story of Jean-Baptiste du Val-de-Grâce, orator of the human race, storytelling (2008)
Between earth and water, storytelling (2008)
Cyranando and Tramonto, storytelling (2008)
The End, storytelling (2007)
If a summer evening two storytellers, storytelling (2007)
If a spring evening two storytellers, storytelling (2007)
The poet, the saint and the navigator, comedy and book presentation parody (2006)
I have a lot of ideas, but..., storytelling novels (2004)
Robin Dream, Storytelling novel (2003)
Sunset, monologue (1998)
Drug, monologue (2000)
Not in my name, recital, Judith Malina, directed by Gary Bracket, Living Theatre (1998).
The tales' killer, comedy (1998)
The Goran's dreams, recital (1994)

From Wikipedia: Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher was born in Naples and currently lives in Rome.

He is author of novels and short stories, a professional storyteller often involved in intercultural and anti-racist education with projects and festivals.
His first book, Tramonto ("Sunset"), Lapis Edizioni, in 2003 was awarded by the International Youth Library with The White Ravens, a mention for books from around the world considered especially noteworthy.

Since 2007 he is artistic director of the Italian Storytelling Festival Il dono della diversità ("The gift of diversity").

Barry Bradford, American speaker, historian and writer who contributed to reopen the Edgar Ray Killen case, appreciated his short story Il coraggio della speranza ("The courage of hope"), about James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and wrote the preface for his book Amori diversi ("Different Loves").

Coordinator for International Storytelling Network (RIC).

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