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'Katha' koli' (Word Bud)
Sudipta Dawn
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+91 8697929308
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Kolkata - 700014
Calcutta, West Bengal

" Waking in Dream Bodies
" Horse Tale
" Resonating with Kali & Sick Dancing Princess
" Uprooted Skies
" Otherness of Being

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Katha' koli (Word-bud) is an interdisciplinary story telling performance project; a new way to generate sensual impressions that deliver the meaning of actions, events and thoughts bound in written-words. It is believed that a story is best understood when it is carried by pitch, cadence, tempo, rhythm, and aural arrangement of its sentences. The stories range from grand mythical tales to contemporary, subtle, oblique narratives.
We aim to create a grand experience of human expression; "it is the godly to which we must always look up" (Tegetthoff ). Katha Koli would try to generate a symbiotic relationship between the act of listening and the act of narration. As Walter Benjamin says, "It is not the object of the story to convey a happening per se, which is the purpose of information; rather, it embeds it in the life of the storyteller in order to pass it on as experience to those listening. It thus bears the marks of the storyteller as much as the earthen vessel bears the marks of the potter's hand"
Through Katha' koli, we wish to plunge into Indian myths and rituals and surface again with stories that would communicate the wisdom gathered to the contemporary others (listeners). The narration irrespective of its form would prefer to generate a conversation between the narrator and the listener through words, images, sound, and action. Katha' koli would aim to create a strong awareness among the audience and finally craft an active process, which would call forth our collective intellect, imagination and creativity.
The thematic aspects governing our stories would basically skip the perfection of full myth or a closed and tight linear story; rather, it would horrify and move us (the speaker and the listener) through a labyrinth of linked up diversities to an unclassifiable transience. Out of that non-linear impermanence the narrator and the listener would distill voices, shapes and images based on ecology, gender and spirituality. And finally the experience would push us to a virgin place-similar to having a second birth. And we would be reborn to live a better life.
Katha' koli, we select stories based on such revolutionary world views that empower humanity by addressing the complicated issues of gender and ecology. We also research and integrate indigenous classical ideas (Such as tenets from Tantric, Buddhist, and Vais?n?ava schools of thoughts) into our stories to forge an egalitarian society sans gender discrimination and ecological indifference. We pool resources with various artists and performers.
As the process itself is of as much importance, if not more, as the final destination, eco-feminism offers the philosophical anchor in "modifying each in light of the other" (Val Plumwood). We feel that that journey for artists and participants in course of their association with Katha'koli, will create a communicative process which will help them to question, modify, dismantle and recreate equilibrium, which will prove beneficial for our ecology.

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