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Salil Mukhia Kwoica
Salil Mukhia Kwoica
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(+91) 9547046200
(+91) 9547046200
Mountain Storytelling Centre, Cooch Behar Road, Darjeeling - 734101, India
Darjeeling, India
Adults and Children
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I belong to one of the ancient linguistic tribes of Kirant. As a young musician back in end 1990s together I went about chasing the forest and mountain tunes hoping to inject their repertoire with rhythms rooted in their way of life. I soon realised a fact: that majority of the tunes they zeroed in on were actually part of stories, many of them sacred, customarily recited to people only by shamans.
Like many others from the younger generation belonging to various communities of the region, I too had lost touch with their oral customs. The urge to bring the slivers of their heritage back from an imminent death ate into our minds and together with my co-founder Ms. Barkha Henry, we thought up a classroom project on Shamanic traditions, "to bring the stories to children & adults." We formed a cultural organisation together and named it Acoustic Traditional to document the stories in an organised manner along with our music joined by other people, "anthropologists, students, elders, organisations working with different communities not just in India but in Nepal and Bhutan too" to help reach them their goal. I also trained myself as a shaman.
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Member of International Storytelling Network.
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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We published our first book titled " The lost stories" that featured stories gathered from mountain communities.


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