Artistic Name:
Priyanka Chatterjee (Wild Strawberry)
Priyanka Chatterjee
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(+91) 9830472605
Kolkata, West Bengal
Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Kottavi Raja & his sleepy kingdom:- One Day One Story, Kolkata Flagship show to inculcate joy of reading in less-privileged
  • Pragya Kaushal Namastute:- Unsung heroes
  • India 70 Not Out:- Indian Freedom Struggle and 70 years of post-independence
  • Thunder Wonder Rain Wain:- Rain & Rainbow; Thunder & Storm Stories
  • Get Back to Roots:- Storytelling in Outdoors, exploring our association with Nature, Plants and Animals.
  • What's in the Bag:- Stories from here, there, everywhere
  • Global Stories shared locally:- Dialogue between two cultures, sharing folktales of similar motifs / themes / value systems
  • Funny Fusion Fables:- With Korean Storyteller Seung Ah Kim
  • The Happy Mommy Place:- Parenting stories
  • Tiger on a Tree:- Talking Stories, UK
  • Aa-chuku-chaiba:- Cancer warrior stories
  • Story Slam:- 5-min Stories
  • T5- Tell the Tale through Theatre
  • Poila Baisakh:- Varied customs, legends and rituals during New Year Celebration by various cultures & ethnicity in India.
  • Stories by Rabindranath Tagore:- Celebrating Tagore's 156th Birth Anniversary
Children, Adults, Family
C.V. / Resume:

Performance Storyteller, Theatre Maker and Art Curator. She is an Electronics and Instrumentation engineer; 1st class Gold medallist MBA (Marketing & Systems). She spent a long tenure in Fortune 500 MNCs & leading Indian Daily.
As a Product manager/Business analyst, she collected & created stories about products/services. Gradually, she realised the power of storytelling- if stories of inanimate products/services can decide their fate, how useful stories of animates will be! She founded Wild Strawberry, an Art Exploration company, to explore more mediums of Art as methods of intervention.
She coaches how Storytelling can be used as: -

  • Pedagogical tool for teachers
  • Bonding tool for Parents
  • Effective Communication tool for MBA (Marketing, Branding & Advertisement) and other Professionals
  • Healing/Therapeutic tool for Patients / Specially-abled / Elderly / Corporates / Others in need
  • Storytelling in Education (SIE)
  • Storytelling for Social Change
  • Docu-Storytelling as Archival process of History
  • Heritage Walks/Tours for Tourism

She is a featured Storyteller in the prestigious PINKS Festival, Malaysia 2017. Her paper on 'Theatre for Social Change' was presented at Cradle of Creativity, Cape Town, South Africa: 19th Assitej World Congress for Theatre for Young Audience 2017. She was a participant in Assitej Next Generation Residency in TIFLI, 2016.

Member of International Storytelling Network.
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Author of:
Survey (A Management Research Journal of IISWBM- India's First B-School), Volume 49, No. 1 & 2, January-June 2009, Kolkata

English, Hindi, Bengali
Youtube Codes:

1. Storytelling in Education (SIE) & Theatre in Education (TIE) Training with Teachers:
2. FM Interview (Mix of Bengali & English):
3. Docu-Storytelling in Tourism:
4. Storytelling in Workshop mode:
5. Storytelling in show / performance mode:

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