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Nancy Katyal
Nancy Katyal
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*"I too have a story"- Storytelling in life with Adults and Senior citizens.

* "Storytelling in business" with corporate firms.

* Storytelling and Personality development with children.

* "We all are storytellers" with teachers.

*" The science and art of Storytelling". with working professionals and homemakers.

" Storytelling and Effective Communication"  one-on-one/ group sessions.
C.V. / Resume:

Nancy is a Storyteller and an ardent believer in the power of Storytelling to facilitate effective communications, build new relationships, and help one to serve others effectively. She has been actively facilitating storytelling workshops to help people discover and develop their inner talents.
Nancy is also a practicing Image Consultant. In today’s fast paced world of instant communications, it is important that people are aware of the image and the message they sent – whether at home, attending a parent teacher meeting, wedding function or communicating at work. Nancy offers a varied suite of learning programs aligned to this need – She has facilitated workshops on Storytelling in Business, Leadership skills, Effective Communication, Customer Service for Retail and Speech and Theatre.
Nancy is a Certified Image Consultant from ICBI( Image Consulting Business Institute) to be accredited as a
She is also a member of Indian Storytelling Network (Pune Chapter).
A bit more about the Workshops facilitated by Nancy -
1. Storytelling in Business - for Adults and Children
- Benefits: Develops creativity, reduces stress and improves effectiveness at work

2. Lead to Inspire
- Benefits: Effective planning and delivery, reduced stress and better work-life balance

3. Speech and Theatre - for Children
- Benefits: Confidence building, Clarity in Speech, Effective Communication

4. Customer Service skills – with Retail outlets
- Benefits: Customer Service tools and skills, Portray the right image vis-à-vis customer needs and ambition

5. Effective Corporate Communications
- Benefits: Respond to external and internal stimuli through effective body language, words and clothing.

6. Image management
Topics :
1. Establishing a positive first impression
2.Communication of clothes
3. Dressing as per body shape
4. Color concept 5.Cluster concept to bring versatility in clothing
6. Appropriate body language
7. Grooming
8. Dining/General etiquette
Learning Career -
Nancy started her work in Financial Operations Management with Citi financial & ICICI Bank. Recent 4 works of her work have been in the education field with - Amity Schools as an Administrator, Akanksha NGO as a teacher. Her last professional assignment was with a leading preschool chain – as a Centre Head.

Core Competencies –
- Apt in needs evaluation to consult the right solution for the identified opportunity
- Experienced Soft Skills trainer
- Advanced practitioner in training and delivery of Storytelling, Speech and Theatre workshops
- Proficient in synchronizing Operations and People aspects with Organization strategy
- Superlative engagement and communication skills
- Content writing for websites
Professional Digest – Key Achievements
- Excellent colleague feedback from Communication and Storytelling workshops
- Gold medalist in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
- Managed team events and organization level engagement campaigns and projects
- Established cooperative working relationships with students, parents, and school team.
- Designed the school website and worked on the promotional video of the school with Amity Media
- Led the project- ‘From Its Birth to Growth ‘to evaluate the success criteria’s of the Bank.
- Attended Inspired India Conference “Transform Education”

- Participated in NDTV show “We the People “by Barkha Dutt got audience applause for my views

Member of International Storytelling Network.
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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