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Nombre artístico / Artistic Name:
Dimitris Prousalis
Nombre real / Name:
Dimitris Prousalis
dimprousal (at)
País / Country:
Teléfono fijo / Phone number:
Teléfono celular / Celular :
Dirección / Address:
3rd September 135str .TK 11251 Athens
Nacionalidad / Nacionality:


Ciudad / City:
Espectáculos / Performances:

1. Folktales of the Underworld (tales about death) 2. Journeys on the back of the tales (stories for children) (+6) 3. Our Words are children of many people(stories for the seekers of philosophy)

4. Take my words-give me your hand (tales about words, lies, stories & storytellers)

5. From the Lands of the East at the crossroads of the West (tales from the East)

6. Why stories of because

7. When trees and waters spoke and humans listened (Environment tales)

8. Dragons dragons step aside! (tales of Dragons)

9. Folktales of sex, lust & passion (the xxx tales)

Público / Audience:

Sharing beloved stories that are based in oral traditions from all over the world with children and adults since 2003 in libraries, Storytelling Festivals, Socialpolitical Festivals and acts, hospitals, coffee shops and bars, theatres, museums, Municipalities, prisons, schools, universities. Folktales are in his interest as a subject of study since 1999. Participations with paper presentations in many international congresses about narrative, storytelling and folktales. Editor of six books -Folktales of the Underworld (2007) and Folktales from the greekspeaking Communities of Southern Italy (2008), Folktales of the world -year of 2010 calendarbook (2009), Talking about folktales (collection of assays-2002), Storytelling Folktales (forthcoming 2010) The Christmas Donkey (children's

literature-2009) published in Greek. Studying Master of Arts in Folklore at the University of Athens. Interested about storytelling as a social act and necessity in therapy & education

Member of Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos.
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
Publicaciones / Author of:

1.Folktales of the Underworld (2007)

2.Folktales from the greekspeaking communities in Southern Italy (2008)

3.Speaking about folktales (collection of essays-2002)

4.Folktales of the world (year of 2010 calendar book,2009)

5.The storytellers' folktales (forthcoming 20100

6.The Christmas Donkey (children's literature-illustrated, 2009)



Idiomas / Languages:
Greek, English
under construction
under construction
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