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Manushki Teatro
Nombre real:
Simon Buckley Talbot and Merushka Karalova
pantalone (arroba)
Spain/ España
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Teléfono móvil:
0034 648 750071
Madrid , 28004 , Madrid , Spain / España.
Simon Buckley Talbot - British and Merushka Karalova - Slovak

Name of Storytelling Shows: Our main shows are

  • ´´The Tale Of Mr. Fox´´ and
  • ´´The Beast Of Gevaudan´´ ,

which we tell BOTH in the traditional oral style and with puppets. We tend to focus on traditional British, European and Central European folktales , which is a reflection of our own personal preferences and cultural heritage. We have a corpus of about 20 regular tales which include: ´´Mary Culcane´´ (trad. Irish), ´´The Wolf and Three Little Pigs´´ (Grimms) , ´´Wolf and Seven Little Goats´´ (Grimms) and ´´The Soldier and the Devil´´ (Czech).

Children/ Adults/ Family


Manushki Teatro was formed by Simon Talbot and Merushka Karalova in September , 2012.

Since then we have performed regular Storytelling residences for paying children and families at Ocio El Horno , Tirso de Molina , Madrid and actress Leonor Watling´s prestigious Grey Elephant cultural centre , Las Austrias , Madrid.

Our emphasis has been on Storytelling in English , supported by traditional and avant garde puppetry , with an emphasis on core traditional European folktales. We told our showpiece ´´ Tale of Mr. Fox ´´ at the British Council World Book Week Celebrations , 2013 and ´´ Tales from Shakespeare ´´ at the British Council World Shakespeare celebrations , 2014. We have performed our ´´ Tale of the Beast of Gevuadan ´´ at the Stretnuti Festival , Nitra , Slovakia ( 2013 ) and also at Covent Garden Puppet Festival and Mayfayre ( 2014 ).

We performed ´´ Tale of Mr. Fox ´´ at the Maraton de CuentaCuentos , Guadalahara , June , 2014.

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manushki teatro

We work in English , Spanish and Slovak
None at present. Although we do have a Facebook presence.
Vídeos en Youtube:

We have two trailers on Vimeo:

A more puppetry related video , featuring ´´ The Beast of Gevaudan ´´ and ´´ Christmas Carol ´´


and our Storytelling video for the Tale of Mr Fox


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