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Ricardo A. Rodríguez

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Cuentos mi Abuelita me Conto/Tales my Grandma told me.

Soccer Tales/Cuentos del Futbol

T-Shirt Tales/Los Cuentos de mis Camisetas Travel Tales LatinQueerMerican Personal Tales Tales to Combat Discrimination (Racism, Homophobia)


Rico is a storyteller, performer and percussionist. He is also a counsellor, teacher, facilitator and a consummate Master of Ceremonies. He tells folktales, fairytales, fables and legends from the extremely rich and diverse Latino and Hispanic cultures. He also writes and tells stories about his life, his family and his trials and tribulations with a soccer ball. You will be delighted to hear the one about how he was named after a famous character of a well-known 1950's TV show. His easy style and his masterful use of humour, even in the most painful o f situations, draws audiences young and old. He tells in English, Spanish and Spanglish. He also facilitates workshops on the art of writing and telling stories. His workshops are very lively, participatory and mostly fun. A challenging, but humorous, exploration of equity and positive social change are a recurrent theme throughout his telling. He works with at risk youth and he listens to their stories and encourages them to draw on their experiences to achieve healthy changes in their lives.

Rico has performed in schools, conferences, theatres, pubs, festivals, living rooms, parks and on CBC, CKLN, CIUT, CJRT radio shows also on MuchMusic and through the World Wide Web. He served on the Board of the Storytellers School of Toronto and was Assistant Director to Listen Up!, the Annual Toronto Festival of Storytelling.

Rico is the first recipient of the Storytellers School of Toronto Anne Smythe Travelling Grant.

Special Programs

Rico offers a variety of storytelling programs from performances to workshops.

Performances could be tailor made for time and age-group considerations. His performances include a combination of stories, drumming and dancing.

Listeners get to participate in all three mediums.

Rico also offers workshops in the art of storytelling. The workshops can be crafted to deal with specific issues or activities that can benefit from the use of storytelling. The workshops can take the form of a residence (two days or more), a half day, or a full day.

Member of International Storytelling Network .
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network
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"The Best of Both Worlds" A personal story published in "The Healing Heart Families" Edited by Allison M. Cox and David H. Albert. New Society Publishers 2003.



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